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2012 Pinarello Review

For 2012 Pinarello has revised all of its carbon models. Starting with the flagship Dogma. This years upgrades are exciting and trickle down to the Paris and FP Quattro. The FP2, now FP Due also takes some major frame upgrades and is now essentially an upgraded Prince made from a lesser carbon.

Basically this is what we saw when we entered the room. A bunch of covered bikes. I knew there would be some good stuff to come when the presentation started off with AC/DC and "You Shook Me All Night Long". To the right is Fausto Pinarello and special guest Miguel Indurain.




How do you improve on the super bike that's generally considered to be the most efficient, best balanced bike available?  When you're Pinarello you use Computational Fluid Dynamics in addition to wind-tunnel testing to improve on the aerodynamics of the Dogma 60.1.  The Dogma's ground-breaking innovation was the use of asymmetry throughout the frame. This greatly increased stability under high stress such as climbing and sprinting. Pinarello has since been studying the airflow over the bike to examine where it can be improved to increase efficiency. The Dogma 2 is the result. At first glance it looks similar to the Dogma, but upon closer examination you'll notice the Onda 2 fork is now more integrated with the frame. Using CFD analysis, Pinarello discovered that the asymmetry of the front brake causes the air flow around the fork crown to move from left to right under the downtube. By adding a tail to the fork at the crown and reshaping the downtube interface, the air flow has been smoothed out around the brake and fork crown. The ribbing around the headtube and top of the downtube has also been reduced to help with airflow. The new Onda 2 fork now also features a steerer tube tapering from 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" at the crown. This increases the rigidity at the front end by 19% while allowing for more shaping to improve the aerodynamics. Despite the frontal area being increased by 6% to allow for the larger bearing, the resistance to air flow has been reduced by 6%. This increased rigidity in the front end improves braking, cornering, accelerating and sprinting performance.


CFD analysis has also led to the reduction of ribbing on the rear stays. Some of the reinforcement has been moved internally to refine the aerodynamics. The asymmetry of the toptube is now even more pronounced and the downtube is now asymmetric with ribbing along the right-hand side. Together these refinements have helped improve the pedal action symmetry by 6% compared to the Dogma 60.1 and in conjunction with the Onda 2 fork has increased lateral rigidity by 14%. 


Of course, the Dogma 2 still uses the highest grade of carbon-fiber available - 60HM1K and features Nanoalloy technology to help alleviate the propagation of micro-fractures. Pinarello's exclusive EPS carbon-fiber lamination system ensures the absence of voids or wrinkles in the layup. 


The enhanced asymmetry of the Dogma 2 is evident throughout the frame. On the Onda 2 fork, the right fork blade is significantly larger and more angular than the left one as is the right seatstay.  The toptube is shaped to compensate for the pull on the handlebar which puts the most stress on the lower left of the tube. The downtube has deep ribbing on the right-hand side only, from the bottom bracket nearly up to the headtube. The right chainstay is slender near the bottom bracket and is significantly thicker towards the dropout, whereas the left chainstay is reinforced near the bottom bracket (the most highly stressed part of the frame) and tapers towards the dropout. 


To further enhance the aerodynamics of the Dogma 2, there is now internal routing through the downtube for the derailleur cables. If you opt for the Dogma 2 designed for electronic shifting, a new sleeker battery mount and a new approach to internal cable routing (iCR by Pinarello LAB) ensure full compatibility with all electronic shifting systems available. 


Of course, all this technology is worthless if the bike doesn't fit.  Pinarello offers the Dogma 2 in 12 sizes (nearly twice what most competitors offer) in order to assure a perfect fit. The Dogma 2 is offered in no less than six different colorways or can be customized through Pinarello's MyWay program.


The most popular bike at the show was probably the Campy Electronic. Apparently not available to the public until 2013 which probably means late fall 2012.




While this particular color is not a stock color for the US the paint schemes and graphics look great this year. Looks like the Italians have taken up bass fishing and come across some boats from the good ole days.

Dogma 2 Frameset (frame, fork, hs, seatpost)

Black/White 633, White/Black 613, Red 614, White/Red 617, White Movi 620 - $5750

BoB 612 - $6100

Di2 Frameset (frame, fork, hs, seatpost)

Black/White 633, White/Black 613 - $6500

BoB 612 $6800


2012 Dogma K

For 2012 the KOBH was renamed the Dogma K. There were no other changes in this frame. Name was changed to take advantage of the Dogma branding. Dogma K's currently are not on the list of bikes being imported into the US however there are pretty much all sizes of the 2011 KOBH still available in multiple color options




2012 Paris

For 2012 the Pinarello Paris (50HM1.5K) takes many of the upgrades that the Dogma 2 receives. The Paris now has an Asymmetric Downtube, Tapered fork & 1 1/4 lower bearing, internal cable routing. Also for 2012 a women's easy fit Paris frameset is being offered

Paris Frameset (frame, fork, hs, seatpost)

BoB 572, White/Red 574, Red 573, Pink 577 - $3650

2012 US Complete Paris Builds

Ultegra Di2: BoB 572, White/Red 574 - $7000

Sram Red: BoB 572, White/Red 574 - $6500

Sram Red: BoB 572, White/Red 574 - $6500



2012 FP Quattro

Like the Paris, the 2012 FP Quattro (30HM12K) also gets the same upgrades in the frame of the asymmetric downtube, tapered fork and 1 1/4 lower bearing and internal cable routing. The FP Quattro is available in 14 different sizes, including womens geometry (easy fit), in 4 different builds.

FP Quattro Ultegra Di2: Black/Silver 595 - $5500

(make sure to take a look at Ultegra Di2 pictured below in the ROKH category)

FP Quattro Ultegra: BoB Matte 565, White/Black/Red 593, White/Silver/Black 594 - $4100

FP Quattro Athena: BoB Matte 565 - $4100

FPQuattro Force/Rival: BoB Matte 565, White/Black/Red 593, White/Silver/Black 594 - $3600

FP Quattro Easy Fit Ultegra: BoB Matte 565 - $4100

FP Quattro Easy Fit Force/Rival: Pink 568 - $3600



2012 ROKH

New this year is the ROKH (30HM12K). Derived from the KOBH the ROKH has a more relaxed geometry and a little taller head tube and comes as a complete bike.

ROKH Ultegra: Bob Matte 559 - $4100

ROKH Force/Rival: Movistar 556, White/Red 561 - $3600

Also picture below but not available in the US is the ROKH Ultgra Di2 bike.

The ROKH (pronounced "rock")  is the direct descendent of the Pinarello KOBH which was developed for racing on the extreme roads of northern Europe such as those traversed in the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. The ROKH features Pinarello's new Century Ride Geometry, first developed for the KOBH.  It's a sloping geometry that offers a slightly greater stack height for a given reach.  This is accomplished by increasing the fork length and rake slightly to raise the front end and changing the rear triangle from the Onda System to the Century Ride System.  The Century Ride System incorporates curvilinear seatstays which increase vertical compliance without sacrificing lateral stiffness.  These changes also allow the use of wider tires making the ride of the ROKH perfect for both rougher road surfaces and longer century rides or Granfondos. And it accomplishes this without detracting from the precise handling that all Pinarellos are known for.  Far from becoming a luxurious touring machine, the ROKH still showcases the ride characteristics that sets Pinarello apart while increasing the comfort and versatility on longer cycling excursions. 


Of course, the ROKH shares the asymmetric frameset design that has been a trademark of Pinarello since the introduction of the Dogma 60.1.  The asymmetry compensates for the uneven forces acting on the frame due to the drive train being offset to the right side.  You'll notice visually that the fork, top tube and chainstays are noticeably asymmetric and every time you climb or sprint you'll feel more stable and efficient due to the asymmetry.  The ROKH also features Pinarello's proprietary headset system, but for the first time the lower bearing has been increased to 1-1/2 inches allowing an additional taper to the steer tube further increasing front-end rigidity for more precise handling and stability during quick maneuvers such as sprinting or fast twisting descents.   



FP Due

The 2012 FP Due (24HM12K - formerly FP 2) has now bascially transformed into a Prince of a lesser carbon.The FP Due now comes with Asymmetric chainstays and a tapered asymmetric Onda fork with a 1 1/4 lower bearing.

FP Due Ultegra: BoB 592, White/Silver Matte 553, Red 554 - $3150

FP Due Rival: BoB 592, White/Silver Matte 553, Red 554 - $2800

FP Due 105: BoB 592, White/Silver Matte 553, Red 554 - $2450

2012 the Pinarello FP2 has evolved into the FP Due. The geometry remains the same, but receives an asymmetric design.  Most visible in the seatstays and fork, this asymmetry helps balance the offset power delivery due to the drivetrain being offset to the right. It's most noticeable during hard efforts when sprinting or climbing, but it's always working to keep the bike balanced and the wheels planted. The steerer tube of the fork now tapers from 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" to create an even stiffer front end for precise handling, especially when the road gets fast and twisty.

You can be assured of getting a perfect fit on the FP Due as it comes in seven sizes, rather than the four or five most manufacturers offer. The FP Due is available with three different builds to suit most riders and budgets. It's available with Shimano 105 or Ultegra builds or with SRAM Rival. 

fp due white silver

The frame of the FP Due is constructed of 24HK12K carbon fiber and is available in Black-on-Black (not shown), White/Silver Matte (553) or Red/ Black (554) colorways in all three builds and comes with either Shimano WH-R501 wheels with the Shimano builds or MOst Wildcat wheels with the SRAM build. MOst bar, stem, saddle, seatpost and brakes are all color coordinated with the frame color in keeping with the Pinarello aesthetic. Of course, both the seatstays and the fork feature Pinarello's exclusive ONDA design which offers exceptional comfort without sacrificing lateral rigidity and responsiveness.


2012 Pinarello Catena

New for 2012 is the steel lugged frame Catena. The bike comes in a black drop bar fixie/flip flop hub and a red flat bar fixie/flip flop hub. Classic and beautiful the Catena is $1000

2012 Lungavita $1000

There were no changes for the aluminum framed Lungavita for 2012. The Lungavita is being imported in the Black Sand 420 paint scheme.

The Lungavita is a bicycle that Giovanni Pinarello was very keen on making

The frame is made of 6061 T6 aluminium and strictly in a Single Speed version

The Lungavita is the ideal bicycle for the world capitals where this kind of frame is much appreciated for its lightness and versatility


Only The Brave by Diesel

At this point it is unsure whether this model will be imported into the US. Pinarello worked directly with Diesel on this single speed bike that has uniquely hydroformed tubesets. Comes in a bull horn bar or flat bar version and will sell for around $1000.




Treviso Sora $1300

Pinarello's signature city bike has taken on no real changes. I had the opportunity to turn about 40 miles on one of these while in Treviso. What a fast bike!


FP Zero Kids Road Bike $1000

Pinarello takes its kids bikes as serious as the adults. The FP Zero is an aluminum frame and carbon fork 24" wheeled road bike. Completed with a Shimano 2300 drive train




Graal Frameset + Anura Bar

No changes in the Graal with the exception of adding a stealth option. Looks like only the Di2 frame is being stocked and the other options are special order only.

Graal Frameset w/ Anura Bar: Special Order - $8500

Graal Di2 Frameset w/ Anura Bar: Caisse533, BoB610 - $9050



CX Carbon $3500

Carried over from 2011 is Pinarello's CX carbon bike equipped with Force/Rival. The FCX Cross Carbon is a light but sturdy frame, responsive in quick, tricky sections and precise in the more ridable stretches. Only available this year in the naked 450.


Thanks for taking the time and checking out our 2012 Pinarello Review. To get back to the previous menu of Gallerys from the trip to Treviso Click Here. For additional bike pics from the show in Treviso check out Pinarello Bicycles


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